Allen Brothers has the capacity to produce thousands of different products, with a huge archive or tooling and designs. Allen has the resources and experience to fulfill the requirements of the marine trade and the discerning sailor, from mass production to custom design.



    FSE Robline sets new trends with innovative materials and designs for yachting ropes and accessories. FSE Robline cordage stands out for ease of use, cool colors, and top-flight functionality.

  • Kazuma


    For over 25 years, Kazuma Surfboards has been manufacturing custom surfboards for  the best surfers in the world. Our 10 expert craftsmen have over 135 years of combined board building experience and are the best in the business.  In the last 25 years we have manufactured over 34,000 surfboards so we  know how to do things right.

  • Mach2


    Andrew 'AMAC' McDougall first became involved with the Moth class when he built his first Moth at the age of 15 in 1970. After a short break from the class Andrew came back to win his first Australian National Title in 1983 and again in 1984, also getting 2nd place in the '84 and '85 worlds.

  • Nob Multisports

    Nob Multisports

    NobMultisports is a Brazilinan brand of nautical products. Manufacture flotation vests, technical garments and accessories, all with specific characteristics for each sporting modality and professional quality. The products are created in conjunction with professional athletes, who test them in extreme conditions and contribute to a constant development. The materials involved are of high quality, following strict standards that guarantee greater safety and durability. The elaborate design offers freedom of movement, ease of use and improved performance. Sailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, tow in, water skiing, jet skiing, boating and stand up paddle are examples of sports covered by the NOB product line. It is a company that invests in innovation, believes in the potential of the Brazilian nautical market and in the success of the national sport.



    Doctors have the oath, “First, do no harm”. Our oath is “First, make sure it does what it’s supposed to.” Our design ethos is best defined by the things we’ve learned not to do. Check out this video from the Onion (warning: coarse language) for an excellent summary of what we try to avoid.




    An affordable, modern, durable, easy to learn and race class that brings a new definition of fun.

    A choice of  rig sizes provides options for 40 to 100 kilo sailors.

    The WASZP delivers a platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers.