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  • Dinghy Control

    Price $2.48

    Dinghy Control is the standard rope for skiff and dinghy classes. It excels due to highest abrasion resistance at minimum stretch.


    • Core: Dyneema® SK78
    • Cover: PBO/Dyneema® SK78 / Technora®/XLF / 16/24/32
    • Field of use: crossover
  • Dynema Whipping twine

    Price $9.09

    Dyneema® whipping twine excels mostly due to its high breaking loads and smooth surface. It is easy to handle and requires no additional waxing.



    • Material: Dyneema® SK78
    • Diameter: 1 mm
    • Length: 50 m
    • Colors: white, blue, green, red
    • Available in cartons of 10 units each
  • Ocean 3000 3mm

    Price $2.07

    A 12-strand single-braid line made of pure Dyneema for high strength with low weight. Perfect for tackles, loops, halyards and runners. Treated with the S.Y.I.S. impregnation system to improve resistance to UV and abrasion.

  • Ocean 7000 3mm

    Price $2.73

    The use of Dyneema® SK99 is what sets this top-notch product apart. As a result of the impregnation specifically developed by FSE Robline®, abrasion and UV radiation do not pose problems for Ocean 7000. The rope‘s other advantages include most of all its enormous breaking strength in combination with its low weight, and the minimized creep of Dyneema® SK99 raw material.

  • Dynema Shock Cord

    Price $1.65

    Dyneema® Shock Cord from FSE Robline is an indispensable product for modern skiff and catamaran classes. The excellent properties of the Dyneema® fiber make it extremely abrasion resistant, while keeping the rubber core from being overstretched.

  • Ocean 7000 2mm

    Price $1.65

    Our Ocean 7000 is ideally suited for all applications involving high breaking loads and, at the same time, for all uses that require a product that is easy to splice.